Buddy: your new best friend that's more than just a lamp

Meet your warm & playful wellness companion, bringing relaxation, joy, and connection.

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Your Buddy, your atmosphere

Whether you need an energetic boost during the day or a calming ambiance at night, Buddy rechargeable table lamps adapt to your unique needs, so your space evolves with you.

1_Soft_white-min.png__PID:f94aa3ff-1c2f-4cd1-9370-cbf2e34b7b695_Lilac Sky (1)-min.png__PID:1c2f6cd1-d370-4bf2-a34b-7b6903191546
2_Warm White (1)-min.png__PID:53e80d7b-7985-433c-90d6-0877c8cb6ad93_Pastel Sunrise (1)-min.png__PID:7fea53e8-0d7b-4985-b33c-90d60877c8cb

Lilac sky

Eases stress with its soothing fusion of lilac and blue.

Mauve glow

Uplifts your mood and sparks creativity.

Cool rose

Offers peaceful relaxation from
day into night.

Pastel sunset

End the day with warmth and comfort.

Cerulean blue

A serene blue prepares you for a restful slumber.

Pastel sunrise

Inspires optimism, like the first light of dawn.

Warm white

Ideal for winding down and embracing evening serenity.

Soft white

Bright enough to get stuff done, and soft enough for wonderful ambiance.

6_Mauve Glow (1)-min.png__PID:cbad9a30-c318-43ad-bfea-53e80d7b79857_Cool Rose (1)-min.png__PID:9a30c318-f3ad-4fea-93e8-0d7b7985b33c
4_Cerulean Blue (1)-min.png__PID:f3ad7fea-53e8-4d7b-b985-b33c90d608778_Pastel Sunset (1)-min.png__PID:c318f3ad-7fea-43e8-8d7b-7985b33c90d6

Eight gradient light colors

For different moods and vibes.

Three brightness levels

To suit any task or setting.

Portable & rechargeable

To take anywhere with ease.

A Buddy Is…


Calm, thoughtful,
and reliable

Summons tranquil energy,
like a morning stroll in autumn.

render (1)-min.png__PID:ff3f76ef-d0be-4b55-aa58-9fd3261260ad


Playful, energetic,
and loyal

This faithful companion adds joy
and fun to every room.

Puppy Studio Renders June24.24 1-min.png__PID:7ecfa965-8c22-4761-bb12-10de2ede3fd9


Soft, cuddly,
and supportive

Brings warmth and comfort, reminiscent
of your favorite childhood memories.

Teddy Studio Renders June24.5 1 (1)-min.png__PID:a9658c22-9761-4b12-90de-2ede3fd9d4a4

Which Buddy is perfect for you?

Buddy comes in three unique design styles, each with the same great functionality, but with distinct vibes to match your mood and personality.

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IDSA NYC.png__PID:751128d7-cfaf-49ce-a523-6cc6ff8b3803
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ICFF_DATE LOCKUP_PRIMARY.png__PID:6cc6ff8b-3803-45ba-b492-36ba864f53d6

The best things
in life are offline

With no app, no ai, and no virtual assistant, Buddy is here for you, right in the present moment.

BG_image (9)-min.jpg__PID:7e63ee6e-ffd9-458a-9c4d-1c0ba7394ce1

Easy as one, two, key

Group 1 (9).png__PID:c0ac9166-1e49-454a-b6a2-226fce4cb877

Press and hold the winding key to turn Buddy on.

Group 1 (10).png__PID:91661e49-554a-46a2-a26f-ce4cb8774865

Short press the key to adjust brightness.

Group 1 (11).png__PID:1e49554a-76a2-426f-8e4c-b87748659972

Rotate the key to smoothly transition between colors.

Group 1 (12).png__PID:554a76a2-226f-4e4c-b877-486599723fe6

Power and charge via

Experience the full spectrum


Soft white

Bright enough to get stuff done, and soft enough for wonderful ambiance.

2_Warm White (1)-min.png__PID:53e80d7b-7985-433c-90d6-0877c8cb6ad9

Warm white

Ideal for winding down and embracing evening serenity.

3_Pastel Sunrise (1)-min.png__PID:7fea53e8-0d7b-4985-b33c-90d60877c8cb

Pastel sunrise

Inspires optimism, like the first light of dawn.

4_Cerulean Blue (1)-min.png__PID:f3ad7fea-53e8-4d7b-b985-b33c90d60877

Cerulean blue

A serene blue prepares you for a restful slumber.

5_Lilac Sky (1)-min.png__PID:1c2f6cd1-d370-4bf2-a34b-7b6903191546

Lilac sky

Eases stress with its soothing fusion of lilac and blue.

6_Mauve Glow (1)-min.png__PID:cbad9a30-c318-43ad-bfea-53e80d7b7985

Mauve glow

Uplifts your mood and sparks creativity.

7_Cool Rose (1)-min.png__PID:9a30c318-f3ad-4fea-93e8-0d7b7985b33c

Cool rose

Offers peaceful relaxation from day to night.

8_Pastel Sunset (1)-min.png__PID:c318f3ad-7fea-43e8-8d7b-7985b33c90d6

Pastel sunset

End the day with warmth and comfort.


Make down time
less lonely

Enhance your moments of solitude with a charming, character-like companion that brings joy and warmth to your day.

BG_image (10)-min.jpg__PID:41918d6c-0231-482a-b9f1-e54d31a68029
BG_image (11)-min.jpg__PID:0231f82a-f9f1-454d-b1a6-80295a9a2791


Recharge & reconnect
with yourself

The gentle shifts in color of the gradient light color bring a sense of calm and overall well-being.

Ease Up

Be more joyful
& productive

Brighten your workspace to stay focused and stress-free from dawn to dusk.

Group 1 (13).png__PID:76a2226f-ce4c-4877-8865-99723fe6c892

Up to 10 hours
built-in battery

Group 1 (14).png__PID:ce4cb877-4865-4972-bfe6-c8922d7359b7

Keep plugged in
for no downtime

Mask group (9)-min.jpg__PID:9332aac7-a7aa-4788-8b08-e43d44094f01
BG_image (12)-min.jpg__PID:aac7a7aa-8788-4b08-a43d-44094f0114cc


Create home
from within

Buddy’s calming or energizing hues transform yours pace into a loving atmosphere, perfect for cherished moments alone, or shared with loved ones.

Join the Buddy community

When you bring Buddy home, you join a community that values fun, connection, and life's little joys. Share your stories and light-filled moments with us!

Mask group-min.png__PID:8424bba3-48f6-4edb-8d62-765fa0e731f75 stars-min.png__PID:a348f67e-db4d-4276-9fa0-e731f78854de

Focused without
straining my eyes

“Teddy has been a game-changer for my late-night study sessions. Plus, its playful design makes studying feel a little less stressful!”

Mask group (1)-min.png__PID:bdcb5460-f74e-45b3-a59b-a98face0d6f55 stars-min.png__PID:a348f67e-db4d-4276-9fa0-e731f78854de

Its design and soothing light colors make it easy to create a relaxing space

“Arvin helps me stay grounded amidst the chaos of daily life. It's my go-to for stress relief and mental wellness.”

4C8E113A-209D-40F1-A984-B8023864124A 1-min.png__PID:5460f74e-b5b3-459b-a98f-ace0d6f5b7ad5 stars-min.png__PID:a348f67e-db4d-4276-9fa0-e731f78854de

The versatile lighting helps me adjust the ambiance, and its charming design brings a smile to my face.

“Working from home can get monotonous, but Puppy adds a playful spark to my home office.”

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